I have a dream of one day running Blue's Woodpecker ribbon microphone, into an original Roland Space Echo (these are hard to find fully functional and even harder to repair + the proper tape replacement is hard to come by), and finally into the Universal Audio 710 Twin-Finity pre-amp/di. Yeah!

Also, I've been obsessively listening to LA GENTE E ME. It's so beautiful! I have the record, but I wish there were a proper video, or way to stream the song here online. Anyway, this particular video features all things Pele, cats, anything Brazilian, and Ornella Vanoni (...who is Italian). Ornella Vanoni is really awesome, and is mostly famous for L'APPUNTEMENTO (this video is actually really cool), but she was totally in Playboy back in the day too! Whoa! Forill. I recommend the album "a un certo punto" if you can get your hands on it.

SIDE NOTE: I don't think I've ever made a post like this! But, I figured I would share.


  1. Dude, that setup sounds so sweet... and I'm sure it actually sounds sweet too. Nice finds.

  2. Oh... but that's assuming that you own that stuff... haha, do you?

  3. no way man, if i had all of that it wouldn't be a dream, I would have already done it!

    I've almooost bought a Space Echo about 30 times. I'll probably get one, one day, but unfortunately it's always an ebay type purchase, where something is a little broken and you would have to fix it, and it's still $600.

    that UA twin-finity is awesome though! it has a solid state channel and a tube channel that actually lets you blend each one together. really cool idea, i don't know of any other piece of gear that you can do that with.

  4. Brazil 2014! Reppin' women with fro's all da way!

  5. u reppin fro ho's...heyooohh!!!